Creating Immersive Work: Movement-Based Studies in Conflict

This new intensive offered by Third Rail Projects Founder and Co-Artistic Director Tom Pearson will feature four aspects of an inquiry into conflict in immersive theater, one per week through the month of May. These offerings may be taken all together or individually, and each will focus on a different type of conflict and relationship that is unique to site-specific and experiential storytelling, as crafted from the perspectives of both author and performer. All sections of the intensive will be heavily movement-based in terms of their initial focus, though we will also work with additional ideas around text, environment, objects, the senses, textures, and proximity.

All courses in this intensive are open to all skill levels.  A dance or movement-based theater background is not required but useful. A willingness and ability to move and explore are the requisites.

Creating Immersive Work: Conflict with Audience
W/ Tom Pearson

Wednesday, May 24 – 11:00am - 2:00pm
at The Kingsland Ward

The fourth and last in our conflict series will look at one-on-ones, where a single audience member and a single performer share a space and a scene together. It is one of the most unique experiences available to audience members within the immersive format. Creating dynamic one-on-one engagements and intimate encounters require a very different kind of storytelling, one which requires the presence of an audience member but also allows them enough space and recognition to be themselves and not necessarily "play a part." What can we do with an audience? How can we be legible to them? How can we challenge assumptions and deliver a unique experience to them that is carefully crafted and leads them through a narrative experience while simultaneously honoring their own choice-making and sense of agency?

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